Meet our Staff!



Imported from the wilderness of Invermere, Amber moved to the coast in the late 70's. Ocean-side she discovered a love of sea-glassing (the spoils of which she turns into beautiful jewellery -- see link below) , crabbing (which she eats regularly and shares occasionally), and reaping the calming benefits of the extra oxygen that is released by the pounding surf (can anyone back me up on that?).  When not getting her "beach therapy" or making her creations, you can find her at Brio. As Greg says "Amber is one of my senior servers" and he means it literally! 

Amber has been working at Cafe Brio since May 1996. Check out Amber's Instagram! 



Born and raised in North Vancouver, Michael moved to Victoria 20 years ago, and boy, aren't we lucky he did! As an original member of The Choir YYJ and Mini Choir, he has written and arranged two original song and conducted them in concert at Alix Goolden Hall. In addition to being a singer/songwriter, Michael is also a published short fiction writer. He got married last summer after a 37 year engagement.

Michael as been at Brio since September 1996.



Born in Icobe, Japan, Kanoux moved to Victoria when she was 8 years old. These days she is  busy with two young boys, one dog, and one husband. She enjoys eating, singing, traveling, seeing friends and working. She generally enjoys people (weird, right?) and is an all-round wonderful human.

Kanoux started working at Cafe Brio when she was a baby, at 23, and feels as if she has grown up in the restaurant.



Born and raised in Victoria, parents imagrated from Portugal, been in the food and service industry since age 14, at Brio since 2012, lover of food and wine, cooking is my passion mama of 2 beautiful kiddos. Portugal World Cup 2018 <3



Born in Vancouver and raised in Fort McMurray. Zach studies history and philosophy at the University of Victoria and has committed every episode of The Simpsons to memory, that is until season 8, of course.

Worked at Brio since September 2016.



Brynn was born in Bella Coola and grew up on Pender Island. She is an amateur tattoo artist and becoming less amateur by the day! She is Zach's personal tattoo artist and he is quoted as saying "No one touches this skin but Brynn". She claims to be a professional violinist but no one on staff has ever seen her play. 

Brynn has worked at Brio since April 2017.



Vaughn grew up on the Sunshine Coast and has been in Victoria for 3 years. When not bussing tables, he can be found enjoying a multitude of video games, or occasionally acting on film and TV.

We've had the pleasure of working with Vaughn for 2 years. 



Kayo was born and raised in Japan and moved to Victoria eight years ago. Kayo makes greeting cards for every occasion and likes to paint. She also likes taking pictures and salsa dancing. Her smile lights up a room and she works so hard.

She has worked at Cafe Brio since February 2016.




Born and raised here in Victoria! Interests include gaming, movies/film.

Has worked at Brio since 2015.